The Rental Market

This past month has been a time of heartfelt effort and significant achievement in our residential leasing community. We’ve been fortunate to facilitate 203 lease renewals and new lease transactions, a testament to the trust and collaboration between our team, our valued clients, and the community at large.

As we reflect on this period, it’s heart-warming to note that only 3 of our residential rental properties are currently seeking their perfect match. This brings our vacancy rate to an all-time low of 0.17%, a milestone that speaks volumes about the vibrant and supportive environment we’ve nurtured together.

In January, we were honoured to introduce a wide array of new homes on, more than any other agency. With a total market share of 8%, MOVABLE has been recognised as the leading agency among 104 real estate firms. This achievement is not ours alone but shared with every individual and family who’ve placed their trust in us.

Moreover, we are proud to have connected more residents with their ideal homes than any other agency, a responsibility we hold dear. Our dedication to finding just the right fit for each tenant has truly made a difference, evidenced by our 9% market share in leased properties.

Among the homes we’ve had the privilege of leasing, a 4-bedroom residence in Hamilton South found its perfect family at $1,350, our highest residential rental price achieved in January. This moment was not just about setting a record; it was about creating a warm and welcoming space for a family to thrive.

We recognise the landscape of strong demand and limited supply is leading to an increase in weekly rents. While this may be seen as positive news for landlords, especially those navigating the challenges of increased borrowing costs, we are acutely aware of the impact on our tenant community.

Jason Maxwell | Managing Partner | 0425 302 777